Curiosity. Instinct. Wonder. Belief.
Art tells a story first to the eye, then to the mind, and reaching to the heart.
Amy’s art is an expression of the melody she hears in creation, a reflection of the mysterious and elegant lyrics of nature.
The gestures and movements of her hand show life in its seasons singing, every wave and tree and blossom whispering and shouting its presence in this glorious earth.
Her art is a Psalm of thanksgiving and wonder, a hymn sung to the Creator, a gift she offers in return for the sacred discovery of truth and beauty in knowing God.



Amy Morgan Schnorrenberg


I am an abstract artist living in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband, two children and fluffy puppy.
My work is driven by gesture and intuition. I love making instinctual marks and seeing the dance of color and texture come together. 
I hope you'll linger here and
follow my creative process on Instagram: @amy_schnorrenberg_art